Illini Sorority

U of A

Shame School: U of I Party

“getting down at kams”


Haley…if you go to ole miss you know who she is

Ole Miss Party

Shame School: Ole Miss Party

“Pike house. She’s very good at multitasking I guess…”


Keepin’ it Trashy

U of A

Shame School: U of A

“Freshman Alpha Chi Omega, Taylor, shows off her bonging skills almost naked to impress potential hook ups.”


After a good night at Brickstreet, almost made it to get milkshakes…

Miami University

Shame School: Miami University (OH)

“I found this on my phone the next day, I dont know who took the pic cause I’m on the left… but we apparently almost made it to UDF.”


Wasn’t ready

“Kid came to visit and thought he was ready wvu… Passed out and carried to bed before midnight.”


Ohio State Bimbo

Ohio State University

Shame School: Ohio State University

Ohio State’s finest.


Breaded and Deaded

SUNY Albany Party

Shame School: SUNY Albany Party

Shame Story: “I showed up at my boys house after a long night of drinking to continue the party and I see this poor soul looking like a burnt breaded chicken cutlet. Reaking of urine, on the verge of tears and if that isnt bad enough….two casts on his arms. Apparently sharpie writes better on skin rather than a cast. Worst part about it….no one knew who this kid was. Talk about one to bring home to mom.”

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Dick on Dick

4 Loko University

Shame School: 4 Loko University

3 beers deep = bed time.


Lit Up

Nothing like lighting up your bro for the holidays.


Spartan Shame

Michigan State

Shame School: Michigan State