4 Lokos

4 Loko
Shame School: University Of Alabama Location: Pledge Party

2 words: four loko


  1. Anonymous /

    damn gurL whoz diz actin liKe a f00l.

  2. Anonymous /

    sHaWty b3 a str8 d!m3 pIeCe. H0lLa aT m3h

  3. Anonymous /

    youz l00k likez a asian persuasion…gurl r u whit3 wit dos eyEs? 4 l0k0 wilz mess you up..

  4. Anonymous /

    DDDDAAAYYYUUUMMMM BAB!3 gUrL. Yew mUzt g!t iT frUm yo m0mmA

  5. Anonymous /

    2 words: $+raIght baLLer

  6. Anonymous /

    omg. this girl knows how to get down.

  7. Anonymous /

    I’d wife her ^^

  8. Anonymous /

    CHI O

  9. haha i took this girl to prom!!

  10. well this is embarrassing

  11. she sexy

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