4 too many 4 Lokos

Uc Irvine

Shame School: Uc Irvine

There has been a lot of talk about four locos being banned.  Personally, I think it enhances brotherhood! These two cool cats go to UC Irvine and it was taken at their house in Newport Beach.  The best part is when I found these two passed out after a sorority party, they were alone with music BLASTING! Keep in mind they live at this house, and they were a couple steps away from their bedroom.  Apparently, that was just two steps too far.


  1. Anonymous /

    Anteaters know how to party

  2. anonymous /


  3. Anonymous /

    ocho loco!!

  4. Nah Bro

  5. not-anonymous /

    His names eduardo

  6. Anonymous /

    hahahahah i woke up in the shower naked n dont know how i made it there!! damn 4 lokos!!

  7. anonymous /

    what kind of douchebag tattoo does that guy on the right have?

  8. I like how the glasses are almost on..but not quite.

  9. Anonymous /

    The one on the right nicknamed his penis “Space Mountain”

  10. Anonymous /

    Four was banned up here in som parts of NY

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