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4 Loko University

Shame School: 4 Loko University

3 beers deep = bed time.


  1. Yolanda /

    Baker College is the biggest bunch of scam. I was in the college for my 3 rd year and was accepted into the program. In the first quarter of my program started in the fall 2012. My grade was an A until the lst week of class the intructor has an oral exam (this is how they weed people out they dont want) I recieved a C+ and was kicked out of my program because you must maintain a B- or beter 1.3 pts is what they claim I missed it by. I tryed to appeal the grade wondering how a verbal exam could be acceptable the board Exams are not this way because it allows for a bias unfair opinion I lost $4000.00 in the fall quarter.I am a single mother of for children I can not afford to loose that kind of money

    I picked my feet up and changed programs because i cannot apply for 1 year for the same program. I began an online class only to face more unfairness an instructor gave me 0 OUT OF 60 points for a dicussion board because he sasid i did not directly answer the questions I started with I agree with so in so then answered other pople on the board replied the same way i had to withdraw because the teacher and the dean once again decided against me. $800.00 lost this quarter

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