How to sleep in a bathtub

Delaware University

Shame School: Delaware University Location: FRAT

Story: She passed out in a random frat’s bathtub by 11 o clock. She was peed on three times after that and showered. She still did not wake up.


  1. Poker /

    Wait…You pissed on her? Wtf. Scumbags.

  2. Anonymous /

    hey its my girlfriend ….. i think her and I need to talk

  3. ripURchestHAIRSout /

    if you peed on this girl, then you have some twisted sexual sadistic qualities and you should probably acknowledge this. Have fun with your life as a serial killer you creepy P.O.S. After they find all those women’s skulls in your closet, I hope you have fun getting fisted in prison 😉 xoxox SaLaD ToSsEr

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