Get Wet


Sheets can be washed, reputations cant.

Shame School: Alabama Location: Dorm Room

This kid is from Auburn and came to party with us during Alabama’s Homecoming, got really drunk and I let him sleep in my bed. Turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life.


  1. Antwon /

    I love it so much! everyone keep liking this! I want some new damn sheets haha

  2. and i want some more beer!


  4. anonymous /

    wow this kid is a loser i dont even know how you manage to do that

  5. hahahahhahahahah wowwwww

  6. retard /

    haha I cant believe that happened

  7. are you sure this isnt staged bc i dont understand how that happens

  8. who cares /

    if it is or isnt thats funny as hell!

  9. auburnboy /

    oh dodo..

  10. soccerfag /

    haha this isnt the first time this has happened to him..what are we gonna do with him

  11. haha who knows!

  12. anthony /

    i say we get him a diaper next time he drinks haha

  13. jfresh /

    haha im glad we dont have to live with him anymore!

  14. someone needs to be potty trained again!

  15. Steven /

    Same thing happened to me first night in the college dorm, only I was on the top bunk. Not so much fun when that happens…..especially for the roommate on the bottom bunk.

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