Dick on Dick

4 Loko University

Shame School: 4 Loko University

3 beers deep = bed time.


Minnie Marker Rape

4 Loko University

Shame School: Unknown

“I love boys”

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Triscuit hater

Slippery Rock University

If anyone thinks wheat thins or triscuits are better than cheez its, GTFO.


Quality Garbage Bags

College of Charleston

Do not try this at home...

So one of our friends thinks he’s all that and can outdrink all of us. Needless to say he was proven wrong as I took a picture of him passed out in my friend’s apartment with a trash bag over his head in case he threw up.

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College Lamps

College of CharlestonShame School: College of Charleston

Forget girls. I love lamps.


College Doors

University Of Nevada-Reno

School: University Of Nevada-Reno Location: Sigma Nu

The poor guy though he was an animal for most of the night. He also lost his pants and concluded that his whole frat house roofied him. Then he head butted a door open and passed out.