Haley…if you go to ole miss you know who she is

Ole Miss Party

Shame School: Ole Miss Party

“Pike house. She’s very good at multitasking I guess…”



Ole MissShame School: Ole Miss

CWOS was on break for bro related issues. Shaming has now resumed.


This Blackout brought to you courtesy of Groundhog Day 2010


Ole Miss

Shame School: Ole Miss

We found out that the pregame jello shot party and a concussion did not mix well for our friend…


Triple Shame

Shame School: University of Mississippi (OLE MISS)

1. Jonny passes out,

2. Patty gives up from trying to get up from falling in that chair,

3. and Danny finds food.

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Salute Your Jorts

Ole Miss

Shame School: Ole Miss

This frat star got a little too fratty in back of his pickup truck. (Feel free to insert your own joke about southern people here). His afternoon consisted of getting a nasty sunburn, and showing the girl next to him just enough nipple to make her pass out.