Wasn’t ready

“Kid came to visit and thought he was ready wvu… Passed out and carried to bed before midnight.”


Terps Blackout

Shame Story: “My buddy goes to Maryland and came up for the Terps vs. EERs game. He posted Saturday before we went out that he was going to show mountaineers how to drink… unfortunately he fell asleep with his arms in the air trying. Nobody touches Mountaineer Nation”


Man Down

Shamed School: West Virginia University

Day 1: Panama City, Some people just cant handle spring break

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Mustache Pledge

West Virginia UniversityShamed School: West Virginia University

Yes, that pledge passed out with a beard on.


Love In This Club (Usher Voice)

West Virginia University

My friends call me a poor man's Mike Posner, but I don't give a fuck!

Shame School: West Virginia University

We’re clearin’ out our WVU submissions. That means we’ve had a WVU 3x multiplier within 24 hours. You other schools need to step up. Oh, and never pass out next to a guy rocking a shot glass necklace in a club. You know he’s gonna go for the over-the-pants-fake-head maneuver everytime.


“Time” To Get Shamed

West Virginia University

Get it? Cause, like, he's reading "Time" magazine...

Shame School: WestVirginia University

WVU is making waves with back to back shames today. Way to step it up Mountaineers. But truly, this picture is so full of shame. From the solo cup to the light reading material all the way to the trophies! Fresh vest though. Would have looked better had the pants been kept on.