Bro Pillows

College of Charleston

Real Bro's Use Other Bro's As Pillows

Shame School: College of Charleston

These two cuties swore they would stick together throughout the night and not let each other do anything stupid…..this is the product of tons of alcohol, and crawling around on the sidewalk trying to smoke cigarette butts. Obviously was a great night in the end.


  1. kansas city kings! /

    why is he holding his head some ones waking up with a hurting butthole

  2. Escobar /

    Think this is adorable.

  3. anonymous /


    And drank another Loko.
    Thank god your mom made the best pasta that night, or I would’ve been all over.

    • that almost makes sense why dont you run along back to tour 8th grade class, finish your vocabulary lessons and then try again

  4. I know I’ve seen this couch before somewhere … ?!

  5. Feddie and dans house spring street

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