Pumpkin Fest

Shame School: Keene State College

11:00 am. This bro had one too many brewskis at the year’s biggest, most epic and legendary party:¬†Pumpkin Fest.

CWOS: Apparently it gets nuts at Pumpkin Fest. Who would have guessed?


  1. Fall Break?

  2. Pumpkinfest is literally one of the craziest things I have ever been to

  3. Anonymous /

    Pumpkin Fest is not a party, and was never intended to be a party. The college students have turned a great family event into a joke!

    • Anonymous /

      Sad but true no wants to talk about. The college will tell though it is their drunkinfest .

  4. File under signs of the times. There was a day in America when a group of people could converge and get along and have a good time ….

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