Scooter Girl

Going To The Party

Attempted Return Home

Shame School: Newbury college  Location: Sutherland Ave.

She fell down on the way back from a party and woke up in the same spot the next morning.


  1. Anonymous /

    that’s not even true! haha wtf?

  2. Anonymous /

    she doesnt even go to college

  3. Anonymous /

    haha heyy this isn’t in mass it’s in new yorkk and I’m pretty sure I made it home that nightt and I don’t even goo to college haha people have noo livess legitt !!!

  4. hahhahhahhahhahhahahhahhahhahhahahhahhahahhahahhaha

  5. Anonymous /

    everyone like it I get 100 dollars !!

  6. Have you got any ? It is rellay rare that you see a guy that is a rellay good fuck. This guy is intense. I would NOT kick him out of bed for eating cookies. A keeper!

  7. You’ve impressed us all with that posting!

  8. for teaching bright high school kids. There’s little prestige, but the financial rewards are better and students, at the AP level, are bright, open, and ready for any real challenge. One caution for the mid-career switch–all your social security will most likely be lost. To get the best retirement, teachers would need to start by 35. BTW–it is harder work.

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