Doo Doo Dancing

Ohio University

Is it really..?

Shame School: Ohio University

This girl was so drunk, she was going crazy dancing on this table and I took this picture before she took off all of her clothes..yes she got completely naked.. notice the brown spot on her underwear?

Crank That Doo Doo



  1. AC Slater /

    At least she didn’t get Diarrhea while doing the “MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This” dance like Eduardo from 50 pills.

    Poor girl didn’t blackout that night, she browned out.

  2. Anonymous /

    This is my roommate.

  3. Anonymous /

    umm actually she is my friend and i know for a fact that she didn’t get naked or black out that night and DEFINITELY didn’t shit her pants… there is no brown spot you loser this is a hilarious picture dont ruin it

  4. Anonymous /

    I second that, this girl lives in my dorm and she would definitely not crap her pants, don’t hate on someone who has a good time.

  5. she got naked… where the hell are those pics?

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