Penis Brain

University of ToledoShame School: University Of Toledo

We found this kid passed out in the 3rd floor bathroom.


Laying down is overrated

University of North Carolina at CharlotteShamed School: University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Grand Prix

Purdue UniversityShamed School: Purdue University

This freshman couldn’t handle a week of grand prix at purdue.


Bathroom boy

University Of KentuckyShame School: University of Kentucky

Walked into the bathroom and saw this kid on the floor. Someone wasn’t having a good night.

CWOS: A shitty night, but a solid nick name.


That Must’ve Hurt

Shame School: University of Illinois

This is our friend Alli’s x-ray of her hand after she drunkenly
decided to have a wall punching contest. The wall won. It was only


This Guy

University Of Kentucky Shamed School: University Of Kentucky

We decided to party during the biggest charity event on campus (Dance Blue), This guy passed out with his shoes on so the girls went at him……artists arent they?


Bucket Man

Cal Poly PomonaShame School: Cal Poly Pomona

…burnin’ out his fuse up here alone.

CWOS: If you don’t get it:




Sleeping Beauty

Shame School: 4 Loko University

I’m not sure if they were happy tissues or sad tissues…


Loads Of Loko

4 Loko University

Cleared out 3 gas stations, made for a pretty shameful weekend.


Snow Day

University of KansasShame School: University of Kansas

A productive day off from school.

And yes, she passed out like this.