Terps Blackout

Shame Story: “My buddy goes to Maryland and came up for the Terps vs. EERs game. He posted Saturday before we went out that he was going to show mountaineers how to drink… unfortunately he fell asleep with his arms in the air trying. Nobody touches Mountaineer Nation”


Minnie Marker Rape

4 Loko University

Shame School: Unknown

“I love boys”

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Piss Pants

Ball State

Shame School: Ball State

This guy never seemed to notice he took a silent piss. A true asset to CWOS.


Insert Balls Here

Penn State

Shame School: Ohio University

Just a reminder in case she forgets where to put them…

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Stack em

Penn State

Nothing like the how much furniture can we stack on him game…

Shame School: Penn State


Good Night Shame

After a good night, Clearly....


Rollins College Shame

¬†Its this guys first time around pretty College girls….has lost all feeling in his face!
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Moses In The Bathtub

Naked Party Boy

 Western Kentucky captured moses, in a bathtub

They know how to party…

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Triscuit hater

Slippery Rock University

If anyone thinks wheat thins or triscuits are better than cheez its, GTFO.


Yale Parties Hard

Mmmmm… Jack So Hungry…