Nurse Betty

Sacred Heart University
Shame School: Sacred Heart University Location:Hospital After Party

Story: Freshman sent to the hospital first weekend of college. Some people just cant handle college 🙁


  1. Elliot Muratore /


  2. looks like the new delaney downing

  3. Anonymous /

    what a loser

  4. Anonymous /

    freshman–NOT delaney

  5. Anonymous /

    shes a cute one

  6. Anonymous /

    looks like a rich slut to me….

  7. Mercades /

    what a loser! hahaha

  8. Anonymous /

    ahh ashley u make me proud <3

  9. Miguel Moya a.k.a not an annonymous little bitch /

    you people are so, so ugly. its..beautiful.

  10. M-Swizzle /

    Same shit happened to me. :/

  11. Chances are first time she got tipsee and can’t handle herself oh wow. A: you attend a Christian college. Cut me tough GIRL!!!!!!!! Up HERE we laugh in your dumb face you aren’t intelligent enough to attend Sacred Heart!! The students there are smart enough to capitalize I in i’m from bwooklym LAME!!!!!!!! you are no hawd but maybe hog IE walk away!!!!

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