So Sassy

SUNY Albany


Shame School: SUNY Albany

We’re lucky we found a clothed picture at the beginning of the night. after hooking up with almost half the party she finally thought it was appropriate to put her clothes back on and do a celebratory dance. Girls like her make me proud to be a girl 🙂


  1. Anonymous /

    Who ever uploading this pic is an idiot!!

  2. Anonymous /

    she doesn’t even go to albany…. if you’re going to lie at least try to get something right..

  3. Anonymous /

    i know this girl. weird. and completely untrue what tha hell

  4. Anonymous /

    too bad she doesnt go to albany

  5. Anonymous /

    Yeah, she def goes to UCLA.

  6. Anonymous /

    ^ UCLA? Albany? HAHA, Not at all. You all are dumb..wrong person.

  7. dirtydrdick /

    I would split her in half.

  8. where are the nude pics?

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