Stinky Pinky

SUNY AlbanyShame School: SUNY ALBANY

After a long night out with alot of paint and alot of alcohol he finally returned home from the paint party looking like such.


  1. this kid lives 2 floors above me. he is the man

  2. That’s really thnkniig at a high level

  3. >>Science is just another word for knowledge and magic is really just an application of knowledge. (Albeit usually specialized or arcane knowledge that can only be used by some.)<<This is very true.

  4. It is about time they moved the Tor or took the top couple of hundred feet off it. When we live at the foot of it, it completely ruined our reception of local television .I wrote to several authorities about the matter and was just ignored, glad to hear something is being done at last.

  5. buena lista ufff que chimba!!!! one, smell like teen spirit, paranoid android, under the bridge, november rain, Smoke On The Water……. muy buenas canciones pero les falto dragon fors que grupaso y toca la guiatarra muy bacano deberian incluirlo bueno saludos

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