A Work of Art

Depaul University Shame School: Depaul University

One of our buddies threw a party, and this kid got way too drunk. Soon enough he had puked all over himself and had to be “showered” and re dressed. He was completely incoherent. After the party my other buddy and I went back to my house to crash when we heard a car honking outside, we then went outside to realize that the guy honking was the same guy that threw the party. Once he saw us he dumped this kid out of the car and told us “he’s all yours.” so we took him in and messed with him a little bit. We ended up making him into “a work of art”.


My First Beer

Depaul UniversityShame School: Depaul University

Yeah, I remember my first beer…


Blacked Out

Shame School: DePaul University

“This random kid who nobody knew shows up at our party, already blacked out (drunk). By the time the party ended, we found him passed out in the chair with a beer in his hands, sitting straight up, and his shoes still on. Since none of us knew him, we thought it would be okay to do this…I think we went through three sharpies just to get the right tone of black.┬áHe was gone by the time we woke up the next day, but I cannot even imagine that walk home.”

Editor’s Note: We do not advise taking a sharpie to some bro’s face. The fumes probably got this guy higher than a kite. But we also don’t advise blacking out and showing up at some party where you don’t know anybody. Shameful.