Illini Sorority

U of A

Shame School: U of I Party

“getting down at kams”


Poor Soul

University Of IllinoisShamed School: University Of Illinois

He who shall not be named decided to try and finish a handle of Skol vodka by himself for Unofficial at University of Illinois. He obviously failed…miserably…He started drinkin at 7 AM, passed out at 12 PM, started puking at 4 PM, and was on the toilet at 9 PM. He ended up peein himself, so we tried showering him with cold water, and all he managed to do was squeel like a little girl!


Lonely Dancer

University Of IllinoisShame School: University Of Illinois

When you can’t find any girls to dance with, the ceiling banester is always a good backup.

CWOS: Unreal butt pincher.


That Must’ve Hurt

Shame School: University of Illinois

This is our friend Alli’s x-ray of her hand after she drunkenly
decided to have a wall punching contest. The wall won. It was only


Forget Purdue

University Of IllinoisShamed School: University Of Illinois

Not even your shoes can save you

CWOS: If you don’t get it, University of Illinois and Purdue have a huge rivalry, but then you probably don’t care anyway.

Purdue, rebuttle?