Bleeding Franzia

Shame School: Tulane University

After a long night of drinking this bro faceplanted on the bathroom floor. When he woke up he was confused why his blood was purple and sticky before he realized he spilled his Franzia when collapsing.

While we are on the subject of bleeding, CWOS brings you this shameful classic.

Since you are probably alone in your dorm room, feel free to sing along….


  1. haha, thats a good one

  2. Bleeding Love will forever be the theme song of his life…….

  3. I think I know who this is and the thing he’s probably most shamed about is being caught drinking franzia…… Or maybe he was that wasted and thought it was OE

  4. In all fairness, his average BAC probably has a higher percent alcohol than box wine

  5. El Lecko…the myth, the man, the legend.

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