Love In This Club (Usher Voice)

West Virginia University

My friends call me a poor man's Mike Posner, but I don't give a fuck!

Shame School: West Virginia University

We’re clearin’ out our WVU submissions. That means we’ve had a WVU 3x multiplier within 24 hours. You other schools need to step up. Oh, and never pass out next to a guy rocking a shot glass necklace in a club. You know he’s gonna go for the over-the-pants-fake-head maneuver everytime.


  1. hahah st patty’s day. girl was passed out.. i decided to strike a pose on her….. the shot glass lit up a green light when i pounded it on the table… solid

  2. I’m quite pleased with the inratmofion in this one. TY!

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  5. So… Bella choosing to be weak means it’s not anti-feminist?See, I think you can–and I even did, in the last recap–make an argument that Bella is not always passive. That’s just not the way you go about it, though.

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